Thoshiba CE4 Print Head Assy



This Printhead Assy is suitable for the Mimaki UJV / JFX / UJF-706 Printers. This is the original Mimaki part (number KX-CE308644CS-Gen4).

This part does not include the metallic bracket that can be easily re-used from the previous head. If the metallic bracket also needs to be replaced, part number M008386 should be purchased instead.

Product Specifications

Technology: Multi-drop grayscale micro-piezo

Grayscale levels: 16

Active nozzles: 318

Print swathe width: 53.6 mm

Nozzle pitch: 169 μm

Native resolution: 150 dpi

Printhead weight: 148 g

Dimensions: 85 x 70 x 23 mm

Drop volume: 6 - 90 pl

Typical firing frequency: 2.8 - 28 kHz

Ink Compatibility: oil-based pigment ink and UV curable pigment ink