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Guaranteed 100% New Spectra Galaxy JA 256/50 print head


The 50 picoliter Spectra Galaxy JA 256/50 print head is a high performance, robust and reliable jetting assembly designed for a broad range of industrial and commercial printing applications at resolutions up to 600 dpi. 50 refers to the voltage of the head in Hadm.

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This print head is suitable for Vutek PressVu 320 / 400 printers. Note that the print head is supplied in the original Spectra sealed packaged and doesn't include the metallic base manufactured by Vutek. This part can be reused from old heads. This print head is compatible with a wide range of printers as specified in compatibility.
This Printhead is used for white ink on Vutek PV200/600 printers.

Manufacturer: Spectra
Printer compatibility: VUTEK PV 200/600 / PV 320/400 , Dilli Neo Venus UVV-2506 (GW), Dupont Cromaprint 22UV, Keundo SupraQ 3300-UV
DP part number : PPHSPGA50