Brother DTG IH2D Print Head For GT-3 Series

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Brother IH2D Print Head For GT-3 Series

For Brother GT341, GT361 & GT381.
These IH2DS Printheads are intended for ALL COLORS: C M Y K W1 W2 W3 W4.


Brother now REQUIRES cleaning the entire Ink Supply Tube and Ink Needle when replacing a printhead.  We recommend you also change the Ink Supply Filter. The reason is, if there is coagulated ink in the supply tube, it will immediately clog the new head.

Completely clean the original tubes using the Brother GT3 Series Maintenance Cartridge and Brother Maintenance Fluid.  DO NOT USE ANY OTHER FLUIDS.  MAKE SURE there is NO INK RESIDUE left in the old ink tube and the Ink Needle is completely clean.  Also inspect the ink tube for kinks or cracks.

ATTENTION: While changing the ink tube and/or printhead, we recommend to also pay extra attention to cleaning the ink needle.  A clogged ink needle has proven to be the cause of many print quality issues that are mistakenly blamed on a clogged or “bad” head.