Roland Soljet Bulk Ink System

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Roland Soljet Bulk Ink System


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• Easy to install and operate • No modification to the printer required

• No bulky stand, attaches directly to printer

• Allows individual ink height adjustments to improve ink pressure control

• Increase productivity - can be refilled during printing

• Color and Density Consistency

• Profiles for Color Rip, Flexi and VersaWorks

• Constant ink level (even during refilling) for long production time • Comes equipped with in-line ink filters

• Configurations available for 4,6,8 colors

• Competitively priced By using the EasyFill Pro™ system, you can avoid continued use of OEM cartridges, therefore reducing your company’s dependency on the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). In addition, you avoid needing to swap cartridges in the middle of a print job, which will increase your productivity and save time and money. By using Triangle's bulk inks, which come in 1-liter bottles instead of 220cc cartridges, you will enjoy dramatic cost savings over OEM ink.